Dialysis Access Surgery













If you have kidney disease and need dialysis, we'll need to create access to your bloodstream. Because for dialysis to work, blood has to leave your body, move to the dialysis machine (artificial kidney), and then come back to your body. We make this possible with a vascular access.

Here at the Division of Vascular Surgery, we use several types of vascular access, including arteriovenous (A-V) fistulas and grafts. Grafts are made out of manmade materials. Fistulas come from your own vein and artery. We can also place peritoneal dialysis catheters when necessary. In general, fistulas have fewer complications than other types of vascular access.

In most cases, your access can be placed on an outpatient basis. And you can rely on it as an effective way for blood to be carried to the dialysis machine and back without any discomfort.