Peripheral Artery Disease Treatment














Angioplasty - This procedure is performed to widen a narrowed or blocked artery. Although you'll be awake during the procedure, you'll receive medication to help you relax. Angioplasty takes 1 to 2 hours and is performed at a hospital or surgical center.

The site where the catheters will be inserted is numbed. A guide wire is threaded through the flexible catheters into the artery to be treated. Watching an image of your artery on an X-ray monitor, a catheter is then inserted into the artery. On the end of this catheter is a balloon that is inflated to break down the plaque and/or push it against the artery wall. Then the balloon is deflated.

This is repeated several times until satisfactory results are achieved. Usually a wire stent is then placed through a separate catheter to help keep the artery open long-term. At this point, the catheters are removed and blood flows freely through the artery.